Goodwill Home Medical Equipment Background Info

Estimates indicate that 50 million people in the USA are without health insurance. Approximately 1.4 million New Jerseyians are included in that group. Under these circumstances, obtaining adequate medical treatment, prescriptions, home medical equipment (HME) and medical supplies becomes a daily challenge and burden. Even for those with health coverage, strict rules and guidelines can limit access to essential equipment needed for rehabilitation or ongoing medical conditions.

At the same time, a significant amount of home medical equipment is issued to insured patients and used in their homes and in healthcare settings. Once these items are no longer needed or become outdated, there is no system to manage the excess equipment. Much of it is thrown in the trash or placed indefinitely in storage.

Goodwill Home Medical Equipment has developed a win-win solution to these problems. Individuals in need are provided access to critical home medical equipment and valuable materials are kept out of the landfill. Our solution benefits people, planet and the economy!


Goodwill Home Medical Equipment offers refurbished home medical equipment to individuals and families. We are the #1 place to donate unopened medical supplies in Philadelphia and South Jersey.

  • We collect gently used wheelchairs, walkers, canes, crutches, hospital beds and more.
  • We sanitize and refurbish the home medical equipment at our facility in Bellmawr, NJ (Camden County).
  • We help people access durable home medical equipment and supplies that improves their quality of life.
  • We make equipment affordable for all and have no eligibility or prescriptions required.
  • We foster community connections between those who need home medical equipment and those who generously donate it.

Our reuse practices give new life to valuable home medical equipment that might otherwise be discarded.

To donate home medical supplies in Philadelphia and South Jersey please contact Goodwill Home Medical Equipment. In addition, all of Goodwill’s donation centers accept medical equipment and supply donations. To find the Goodwill nearest you, visit