Adult incontinence is difficult to talk about let alone ask questions on which product to purchase. When you shop for adult incontinence products there are a few thing you need to consider before purchasing. A common question when trying to select the best product is “what is the difference between tab closure briefs and underwear pullups?" Adult incontinence product that feature a resealable tape tabs on each side of the waist, is considered a tab closure brief diaper. These are similar to an infant diaper that allow for easy removal in a lying down position and a convenient way to check for saturation. Adult pull ups or disposable underwear provide protection to the consumer with a closer match to the look and feeling of regular underwear and are put on as regular underwear. This type of product is a practical choice for many adults who prefer a slimmer, discreet fit. Goodwill home medical has a large selection of adult incontinence products. Browse our wide selection of adult diapers and pull-ups at affordable prices and discover the convenience of discreet and speedy free delivery to your home.