Used Power Wheelchairs in South Jersey


Power chairs and scooters batteries that are new usually take 8 hours to fully charge, some can require up to 10 hours. Goodwill pre charges your battery should you purchase a new one from us. Once the battery is fully charged it can hold that charge for several hours ranging approximately 10-15 miles. Things that can impact your battery charge:

  • Terrain of the ground you are traveling
  • Grade of the ground you are driving on
  • Weight of the person using the device.

We recommend that when the device is not in use the battery should be plugged in. That then allows the scooter or chair to be kept as fully charged as possible. By doing this it will help extend the life of the battery. Should you want to purchase an extra battery to have for an emergency. Goodwill sells new batteries and carry the universal MU1/SLD-G in stock. If this universal battery does not fit your specific need, you can provide us with the name and model or your scooter / chair and the size of the battery and we can purchase it for you and have it in our store within a few days. If you purchase the battery from us we will install it free of charge.