Abilities in Action, a pediatric therapy center based in Shrewsbury, NJ,  is always looking for ways to enhance the occupational, speech and physical therapy services we provide for children with developmental delays and disabilities. Most recently, we found a true treasure at Goodwill Home Medical Equipment in Ewing, NJ—one that brought many smiles, especially to a sweet 17-month old named Abby. The stander purchased at Goodwill Home Medical Equipment enables Abby to feel what it is like to stand without an adult holding on. Abby’s Case Manager, Kim Charette, called it “nothing short of magic” and gave the Goodwill staff kudos for the patience and knowledge in helping find exactly the right piece of equipment for their young patient. Best of all, Abby’s dad was thrilled to witness the pure joy and playfulness that his daughter exhibited in this new position.    
- "Abilities in Action" - Shrewsbury, NJ

What can you say about people who truly care about people and love what they do? What can you say to someone who goes far beyond superior customer service? Thank you, thank you, thank you to the folks at Goodwill Medical and especially to Denise for going above and beyond and providing us outstanding service.  My husband actually had his first night of rest because of you and now rests everyday too as he recovers from surgery.    
- Grace P.

This is a fabulous resource for folks like me needing supplies for a temporary non-weight bearing period. The staff are so knowledgeable and helpful, and the prices great. Best of all, I can donate back my wheelchair when I no longer need it and these great services can continue. Thank you..thank you.
- Jackie T. 

Thank you so much for your assistance obtaining a lift chair for my client. It will make a world of difference for her every single day. It was such a pleasure dealing with you and your staff. Every person I spoke to was friendly, professional and very helpful. I wish every organization had a staff like yours!
- Kate H.

I got a scooter for one of my clients and she is thrilled with it. A great scooter at a great price. There needs to be more programs like yours because it really helps people out. Thank you so much. I will be back to get more equipment soon for my other patients.
- Physical Therapist from Atlantic County, NJ.

I have a client who is only 48-years old and has metastatic renal cancer. The insurance company will not order her a hospital bed and wheelchair because of her declining health and poor prognosis. Her Illness is progressing rapidly and she will probably go on hospice care in the very near future. She is sleeping in a recliner chair now and is very uncomfortable. Finding out about your store was fantastic. You worked with her husband to get the equipment at a price he could afford so his wife could be more comfortable in her final days. We are all so grateful for your help.
- A Social Worker from Camden County, NJ

Goodwill Home Medical Equipment is doing a great job. You offer a valuable service so the community can donate medical equipment they don't need and help someone else. It's a shame to throw perfectly good equipment in the trash. I'm here today to get a walker for my husband. My mother passed away in Maryland. Next time I go down there, I will bring back and donate the Hoyer lift and other items we still have in her house. Thank You for helping everyone.
- Resident of Trenton, NJ

We came down and purchased a Rifton Bath Chair and Pediatric Seat for our son at a fraction of the price of new equipment. Funny thing, your equipment was 'like new' and in very good condition. We saved a lot of money and felt it was well worth the drive from North Jersey. We will keep watching your website for updates on new equipment.
- Parents from Morris County, NJ 

Thank you for helping me get a hospital bed, commode, and walker for my husband who had a very serious stroke and is confined to home. Your delivery man was so nice and set up the bed just where I needed it to go. We have no insurance and the price of new equipment is so expensive. Goodwill Home Medical Equipment was a life saver for us.
- Elizabeth from Burlington County, NJ

Goodwill Home Medical Equipment saved me a lot of money. I love this place!
- A happy customer from Hamilton, NJ

I purchased a reconditioned wheelchair and tub transfer bench at very reasonable prices from Goodwill Home Medical Equipment, for use by our students who did not have the funds to pay for them. The service provided is very appreciated by many people.
- Physical Therapist from The Bancroft School, Haddo

An elderly woman's walker was stolen. A couple at her church felt badly and wanted to buy her another walker but could not pay the price for a new one. They heard about Goodwill Home Medical Equipment and came to buy her a walker for only $20. They were so happy that they were able to afford to help her.
- Trenton, NJ

I traveled quite a distance to come and look at a 5 ft ramp that I need to help get my disabled teenage son into the house. It was well worth the trip. The ramp is 'like new' and very affordable.
- A Mom from Barnegat, NJ

I saw the news story about Goodwill Home Medical Equipment on NJN and came to buy a wheelchair for my mother because her medical diagnosis makes her ineligible to receive any medical equipment through Medicare.
- A daughter from Jackson, NJ

Goodwill Home Medical Equipment is a great resource for our clients in need of all types of medical equipment. The equipment is clean, the people are helpful, and the prices are right!
- Supervisor from Visiting Nurse Association, Trenton

My social worker told me about Goodwill Home Medical Equipment. My friend drove me here so I could try out the special canes for people with visual impairments. My eyesight is bad and I found 2 canes with the special tips that will work perfectly for me when I am walking on the sidewalk.
- A man from Burlington County 

Thanks to the great, lightweight wheelchair I got from Goodwill Home Medical Equipment, I was able to go to my granddaughter's wedding. My husband was able to get it in and out of the car without any trouble.
- A happy grandmother from Hamilton, NJ